About us and the project

“Arts Criticism in Hong Kong: Hong Kong Arts Critics’ Profiles and Writings Online Database Compilation Scheme” (originally named “Hong Kong Arts Critics Network”) is an initiative introduced by the Arts Criticism Unit of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC). The scheme “aims to develop for the critics circles a comprehensive, systematic online database that includes personal profiles and writings by currently active critics from various disciplines, so that arts practitioners and the general public may gain an overview of arts criticism in recent years.” It “sets out to collect data of and critiques by existing Hong Kong arts critics who have published at least 10 pieces since the year 2000, on works of art regardless of what form they took or where they happened.” Basically, content of the website will be presented in Chinese. Articles written in English will be published in English without translating.


The First-year Plan (2016 - 2017) is presented and coordinated by the International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong) (IATC). The target of the plan is to build an online database that allows for continued updates and carries personal profiles of present-day Hong Kong arts critics. Apart from the aforesaid directions laid out by HKADC’s Arts Criticism Unit, IATC will also select under separate themes significant articles that reflect Hong Kong’s arts and cultural development, by asking both the writers and the editors to make their choices. It is hoped that this resource would facilitate local and overseas arts practitioners to deepen their understanding of the Hong Kong arts scene; and that the creative output of arts critics can be organized systematically for research and education purposes. At the same time, by choosing their own works for publication, critics are likely to form closer ties with IATC, which in turn nurtures a stronger sense of community among themselves.


Advisors (in alphabetical order):

Chan Kwok-wai, Bernice; Cheng Ching-hang, Matthew; Cheung Man-shan, Milky; Lee Hoi-yin, Joanna; Tang Ching-kin


Members of the Editorial Team (in alphabetical order):

Chan Kwok-wai, Bernice; Hung Sze-hang, Edison; Law Ching-man, Queenie; Mo Shu-ki; Yip Yi-man, Crystal


Researchers (in alphabetical order):

Cheng Hiu Wai; Cheung Ka Hei; Wong Pui Yan; Yu Hoi Wik


Writings to be collected under this scheme:

  1. Critiques on theatre, xiqu, music, dance, literature, the visual arts and motion picture. Cross-disciplinary discourses are also welcome. Discussion may revolve around the artwork, the artist, history or a phenomenon, and not limited to these.

  2. Articles have to be first published between January 1, 2000 and the closing date of collection. They can be written either in English or Chinese with no word limit, and shall be published in their entirety in the original language.

  3. The medium of initial publication can be local or overseas newspapers and publications, or news/ culture/ arts criticism websites (defunct publications or websites are also accepted). Critiques published on personal blogs or social media may also be accepted, subject to approval by the Editorial Team.


Copyright of Articles:

  1. IATC shall publish the articles under “Art Criticism in Hong Kong” only after confirming with the critics/ authors the content and the number of their works to be used, and only after gaining consent from the copyright owner.

  2. The copyright owner shall agree that the articles be published on HKADC’s “Hong Kong Arts Critics Network” and IATC’s webpages, and that excerpts of their works be used for the promotion of “Arts Criticism in Hong Kong”, as well as for education and non-commercial purposes.

  3. Each critic/ author whose articles have been published under “Arts Criticism in Hong Kong” shall, regardless of the number of articles selected, be entitled to HK$500 IATC is to offer as royalties.

  4. IATC honours critics/ writers’ intellectual property rights and the originality of their works. Any articles proven to have involved plagiarism shall be removed.



Articles written in English:







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